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Oracal Warranty Solutions

oracalJoint Performance Warranty


ORACAL USA Inc, A division of ORAFOL , and Seemee US Inc. a division of Verseidag Coating and Composite have entered a joint agreement which provides a matched component warranty that utilizes the ORACAL brand of translucent films and the Seemee US brand of flexible translucent substrates. Details of the joint warranty system are contained within this document.

Warranty Details

All materials listed within this document will perform as stated in the table below, and be free of manufacturing defects at the time of shipment and to meet the specifications stated in the respective product bulletins. The substrate used in the display must be designed and intended for application of translucent vinyl in order for this warranty to be in effect. It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the suitability of the substrate used. In no case will the warranted life of the matched components exceed that of the corresponding substrate. Product storage requirements, handling and application methods outlined in all product technical bulletins must be followed prior to expiration of shelf life.

seemeePerformance failure is defined as no appreciable deterioration in the product when viewed from its intended viewing distance: (defined as the distance from the top of the display to the ground 2X). Covered failures include: cracking, blistering, fading or peeling of Series 8800 in vertical exposure applications in the United States. Certain hot climate areas of the U.S. have different warranty periods, as do Mexico and Latin America; see table below for this information and map posted on ORACAL USA’s website. Replacement graphics will be warranted for the balance of time remaining in the original warranty period. Slight color change, chalking or a slight reduction in gloss that do not materially detract from the intended purpose of the display, will not constitute a breach of warranty.

The exclusive remedy under this Warranty shall be material replacement of ORACAL Series 8800 or Series 8500 and Seemee IV or II flexible substrate prorated for the number of months remaining under warranty; or at ORACAL USA’s and Seemee US’s option, a refund of the purchase price paid prorated for the number of months remaining under warranty.

In no event will ORACAL USA and/or Seemee US be responsible for labor, consequential or incidental damages of any kind. An ORACAL USA and Seemee US-approved laboratory will verify all claims against the Warranty. Substrate failures are not covered under this warranty. Replacements will be authorized on a case- by-case basis only, and an individual failure shall not be construed as an indication of failure of the entire program.

The customer assumes responsibility in determining product suitability for intended use. ORACAL USA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use or an inability to use the product. This warranty is declared in lieu of any other claim, whether expressed or implied, and is not subject to interpretation.Industrial Pollutants

Applications in some urban, valley or industrialized areas may experience reduced durability and/or cosmetic damage caused by atmospheric conditions such as acid rain, smog or other harsh pollutants. Damage from these pollutants is not covered by our product warranty. For more information and helpful advice, please see the "Dealing with Fallout" technical bulletin located in the Support section of our website.


ORACAL USA recommends the use of material with the same batch number for one graphic application. In this context ORACAL USA ensures that every film roll consists of material of the same batch number and consequently does not have any splice. When different batch numbers are used the technician should make tests to find out possible differences in using the films and in the quality of the graphic application.

Outdoor Durability Warranty Specifications

Published outdoor durability specifications for ORACAL films and Seemee US substrates represent the expected performance of our vertical exposure applications (+/- 10° from vertical orientation) located in standard U.S. & Canadian climate conditions (Climate Zone 1). Prorated warranty information for climate zones are shown below: