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IKEA3 2010 RZ WEBLet your ideas put on a brilliant performance It is the really large-scale displays where details count most, which is why VERSEIDAG-INDUTEX's high-grade coated woven fabrics are not merely sold by the square meter, but precision manufactured to the highest possible quality. 

You no doubt have already seen our seemee billboard and sign materials on prominent billboards worldwide. Have a closer look; seamless images at sectional widths of up to 5 meters (16'4"). Our continuous monitoring and development measures ensure that seemee materials are always of the highest standard.

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Our in-house specialists provide a comprehensive range of services to support this quality. Their experience and skills are responsible for ensuring the production and finish of VERSEIDAG-INDUTEX products.
Bright ideas need brilliant materials Eye-catching images need a reliable, highgrade, flexible substrate. seemee® IV provides just that because it is made of a special double-sided plastic-coated woven fabric and that is not all. 

seemee® IV provides a surface for rear projected presentation that has been optimized to match the wavelength of light. The highly effective, at the same time, impressive quality is guaranteed by a specially developed fabric with an extremely high degree of whiteness which makes the individual threads all but invisible, As a result, the image is visible both day and night. The quality of seemee® IV is backed up not only by our ISO certification, but also by continuous internal and external quality control testing. After over a decade of use worldwide, seemee® IV can really claim to have excellent weatherproof durability and high resistance under load.

High-grade image brilliance can only be guaranteed by continuous high quality control. This is why we are able to offer a seven year warranty.


seemeeIV comparative


seemee® IV retains its brilliant rear-lighting quality far longer than other products (Test 2002: Crompton)
seemeeIV comparison material


Rear projection produces a far more harmonious effect if the material used has a bright white close yarn construction, as is the case with seemee IV.
Quality   seemee® IV gloss seemee® IV matt
ends/picks (per cm) (DIN EN 1049-2) 9/9 9/9
weave (DIN ISO 9354) 1/1 plain 1/1 plain
total weight g/m2 (DIN EN ISO 2286-2) 650 550
width (cm) (DIN EN ISO 2286-1) 107/137/168/200/215
tensile strenght warp/
weft (N/5 cm)
(DIN 53354) 3000/3000 3000/3000
translucency   25% 25%


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seemeeIV self-adhesive
Self-adhesive film
Silkscreen printing
Heat transfer printing