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Hugendubel Plot RZ WEBseemee2-5-yearsseemee® II is specially designed to meet short term flexible sign requirements while still providing performance and reliability.
The special coating formulation of seemee® II yields compatibility with adhesive film and printing with solvent based digital printing systems for brilliant four color imaging.
seemee® II is offered with an extended 5 year warranty.
* Flame retardant
* Available in different widths ranging from 1.20 m to 3.20 m


* Self-Adhesive Film
* Silk Screening
* Digital Printing



Properties Test Method
International USA
Base Fabric DIN 60001 Polyester Polyester


DIN EN 1049-2

9/9 fd/cm, Woven

23/23 fd/in, Woven



1100 x 1100 dtex

1000 x 1000 denier

Base Fabric Weight

DIN EN ISO 2286-2

210 g/m ²

6.25 oz /yd²

Type of Coating N/A

PVC both sides

PVC both sides

Total Weight

DIN EN ISO 2286-2

550 g/m ²

16.2 oz / yd²


DIN EN ISO 2286-1

1.20m 1.40cm 1.60cm

1.80m 2.00m 3.20cm

3'.9'' 5' 5'2''

5'9'' 6'6'' 10'5'

Tensile Strength

DIN 53354

3000 / 3000 (N/5cm)

344 / 344 (lb/in)

Translucency N/A 25% 25%

Fire Resistance

UL94, DIN 4102 B1

Qualify Qualify

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  • Texaco_RZ_WEB
  • mc_donalds
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  • seemee2_app_pemex02

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The above information on physical and chemical characteristics are based on laboratory tests and are believe to be reliable at the time of printing. The values are intended as a source of information and do not constitute a warranty. The producer should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purposes.