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RFB32050TME, RFB50050TME

seemee® T-Flex Mesh Extra is the ideal solution for interior and exterior mesh applications requiring a high quality of color brilliance and consistency. Due to its 20% air permeability, this mesh offers excellent image quality while still reducing wind load and resistance.


  • Building & Stadium wraps
  • Fence & Scaffolding wraps
  • Interior and Exterior signage





Base Fabric

DIN 60001 Polyester Polyester


DIN EN ISO 1409-2 4.7/4.7 per cm 12/12 per inch


DIN EN ISO 2060 1000 x 1000 denier 1100 x 1100 dtex
Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2 270 g/m² 8.0 oz / yd²


DIN EN ISO 2286-1 320cm/500cm 10'6", 16'5"

Tensile Strength

DIN 53354 2058 / 1568 (N/5cm) 235 / 179 (lb/in)

Tear Strength

DIN 53363 421.4 / 294 (N/5cm) 48 / 34 (lbs/in)

Temp Resistance

DIN 53361 -30 to +70 C -22 to 158 F

Flame Retardant

  DIN4102-B1 NFPA-701


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The above information on physical and chemical characteristics is based on laboratory tests and is believed to be reliable at the time of printing. The values are intended as a source of information and do not constitute a warranty. The producer should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purposes.