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seemee® Frontlit Ultra Matte is the latest high-quality PVC Coated frontlit fabric developed by Verseidag. This 13.3 oz bath coated vinyl fabric is perfect for various interior and exterior applications requiring lay flat and high level image quality and color.


Properties Test Method U.S. Metric
Base Fabric DIN 60001 Polyester Polyester
Total Weight DIN 53352 16.93 oz. 480 g/m²
Type of Coating N/A PVC Both Sides PVC Both Sides
Yarn DIN EN ISO 2060 1000D x 1000D 1100D x 1100D
Threads DIN EN 1049-2    
Tensile strength DIN 53354 367/294 (lb/in) 2500/2000 (N/5cm)
Available widths 2286-1 126" 3.20m
Outdoor use   Yes Yes
Flame Resistance     B1

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The above information on physical and chemical characteristics is based on laboratory tests and is believed to be reliable at the time of printing. The values are intended as a source of information and do not constitute a warranty. The producer should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purposes.